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Freedom and the pursuit of the American Dream is at stake as leaders in Congress on the left want to implement socialism in this country. Our community, more than most in our nation, know the horrors and injustices of socialism. Socialism isn’t a romantic ideal as those on the left want us to believe. Failed socialism systems have brought misery, oppression, and exile to the countries from which many in our community fled. Maria is fighting to preserve and protect the freedoms and values that make this country the most extraordinary country in the history of the world. Socialism is flawed, dangerous, and has no place in the United States of America. It is unfathomable that those on the left believe it’s a viable option. We must not remain silent. We must continue to fight socialism. Those who sit idly by in the face of oppression are complicit its devastating effects.

Economy & Jobs

The economy is recovering quickly, but many in our communities still don’t have enough opportunities to succeed. Today, Hispanics and African-Americans are joining the labor force in impressive numbers, and the low-wage earner is getting paid better than just a few years ago. We need to continue the momentum and build on the economic policies in place that are working for all Americans. That's why Maria opened a Prosperity Center in her congressional office. The Prosperity Center connects people with job opportunities, creates access to job skills training, and helps small businesses become contractors to the government. Maria is fighting so everyone can pursue their own American Dream.

Term Limits

We must get rid of career politicians in both parties that put profits and power above people, and we must set limits on how long public servants can serve in Washington. Our Founding Fathers intended it to be: public service, not a career. Today, Washington is full of career politicians who have lost touch with their constituents, who believe their primary objective is to get re-elected. They enrich themselves and cultivate powerful connections that in turn fund their campaigns.

Affordable Healthcare

Americans need to be able to access affordable healthcare. There must be protections for people with pre-existing conditions, we must take care of our seniors and protect Medicare, and young adults should be allowed to stay on their parents’ plan up to the age of 26. In order to lower costs, we need more competition, including allowing individuals and families to buy health insurance across state lines. The government can and should renegotiate drug prices to lower the high cost of medications. The high premiums, co-payments, and medication make impossible what every American cannot be without: affordable healthcare.

Protect the Environment

Climate change is real, and the evidence is right here in Miami. Miami’s pristine coastline must be protected. The water level is rising in at an alarming rate and coastal areas like Miami Beach may become uninhabitable in a matter of decades, not centuries, unless we work to combat the problem. As studies have shown, Miami will need some major feats of engineering, way beyond the resources available at the state and local levels. Maria is working to secure federal funding and bring to South Florida the best engineering minds to tackle the threats that we face from climate change and preserve Miami Beach. Maria is ensuring our dated drainage and waste processing systems are modernized and reliable so that the flooding endemic to our area is less of a threat.

Education & Schools

Maria is a product of South Florida’s public school system. She paid her way through the University of Miami and Harvard graduate school. All children must have access to the greatest education system possible.