Since childhood I have heard the stories about the #BayofPigs invasion as recounted by many of the participants themselves, many of them close friends of my father. These men have never tired of sharing anecdotes of their patriotic deed—in which more than 100 Cuban young men made the ultimate sacrifice for their dream to see #Cuba free again.

It is always a pleasure to spend time with you, draw inspiration from your experiences, and learn about our shared past. We will never forget what you did.

I want to thank Attorney General Ashley Moody for inviting me to honor and listen, yet again, to the first-hand accounts from these great heroes, who are not only a historical point of reference for the Cuban community, but who continue to remain steadfast in their commitment to the cause of freedom. Today, as we gathered at the Bay of Pigs Museum, we paid our respects to these veterans, and in the process became better acquainted with the men all of us in the exile community consider both our #heroes and our family.

Desde pequeña he escuchado las historias de Bahía de Cochinos en la voz de sus protagonistas, veteranos, amigos cercanos de mi padre que siempre nos cuentan sus anécdotas sobre aquel gesto patriótico que le costó la vida a más de 100 jóvenes cubanos soñando por la libertad de Cuba.

Siempre es un placer compartir con ustedes, inspirarme con sus vivencias y aprender de nuestro pasado.

Gracias a la Fiscal General Ashley Moody por invitarme a honrar y escuchar las historias de estos grandes héroes que no sólo son un referente histórico para la comunidad cubana, también son grandes #DefensoresDeLaLibertad y hoy, desde el Museo de #BahíadeCochinos, hemos rendido homenaje y conocido un poco más sobre sus heroicas vidas.