Maria Elvira Salazar To Report Over $500,000 in Two Months

Salazar: “The great people of this district are responding to our message of freedom…”


Today, Maria Elvira Salazar announced she will report over $500,000 in her first fundraising period. In just two months since announcing her candidacy on August 1, 2019, Salazar’s haul is among the top quarterly fundraising amounts of all GOP candidates running for Congress across the country despite not having the full three months that equate a financial quarter.

“The support we received since starting this campaign in August has been truly tremendous and deeply humbling,” said Salazar. “The threat of socialism from the extreme liberals in Washington is real to many families in our community like my own who left their own countries to flee oppression. I will be their voice in Congress unlike my opponent who stays silent as her colleagues push more socialist policies and spew hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric in Washington. The great people of this district are responding to our message of freedom, and we’re just getting started.”

Despite only being in the race for two months, Maria Elvira Salazar has been recognized as one of the top GOP candidates in the country. Salazar was recently named to the NRCC’s Young Guns “On the Radar” list signifying she is in the top tier of Republican candidates for Congress. Additionally, Salazar was endorsed by leading female Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and her E-PAC which seeks to grow the number of GOP women serving in Congress.

Born in Little Havana to parents who fled Cuba with just five dollars in their pocket, the pursuit of freedom and the American Dream was instilled into Maria Elvira Salazar at an early age. While being raised in Miami and Puerto Rico, Salazar listened as her parents told stories of the oppressive communist regime from which they escaped.

Salazar graduated from the University of Miami and later from Harvard University which she paid for herself. She began a career in journalism where she interviewed a wide range of social and political leaders, including Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Alvaro Uribe, Jose Maria Aznar, Vicente Fox, Juan Manuel Santos, Augusto Pinochet, Nicolas Maduro and, more recently, Juan Guaidó. Winning five Emmy Awards, she was recognized for her passion for freedom and uncovering the oppressive communist and socialist regimes in Latin America especially in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Florida’s 27th Congressional District includes the city of Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, West Miami, Pinecrest, Key Biscayne, South Miami, North Bay Village, Cutler Bay, and Palmetto Bay.